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90kV Hamamatsu Microfocus X-ray Source

First starting from the founding of Tokai Electronics Laboratory in 1948, Hamamatsu TV Co., Ltd. was then established in 1953 followed by a company name change to Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. in 1983. All through this period and up to the present day, we here at Hamamatsu Photonics have been continually pursuing technologies involving “light” in all its aspects.

Microfocus X-ray sources specifically developed for 2D and 3D nondestructive testing. A small focal point prevents blurring of x-ray images and delivers a sharp, enlarged image.

1. Applications

  • Non-destructive Inspection

  • X-ray CT

  • In-line X-ray Inspection

2. Applicable Objects

  • Electronic component

  • Printed circuit board

  • Plastic component

  • Metal component

3. Tube Current Operational Range

90kV X-ray Tube Current Operational Range

90kV X-ray Tube Current Operational Range

4. Dimensional Outline

90kV X-ray Tube Dimensional Outline

90kV X-ray Tube Dimensional Outline

1. Focal Spot Size: 5μm (at 4W)
The focal spot of 5μm of the sealed type X-ray tube enables sharp and clear X-ray images even at a high magnification.

2. Easy Handling
Fully operable from an external PC.

3. Serial Port Control
One package of a sealed type X-ray tube, a high-voltage power supply and a control function.


ParameterDescription / ValueUnit
Input Voltage (DC)24V
Power Consumption (Max.)96W
Operating Ambient Temperature+10 to +40°C
Storage Temperature0 to +50°C
Operating and Storage HumidityBelow 85 (No Condensation)%
WeightApprox. 9kg
Conformance StandardsCE (EMC: IEC 61326-1, Group1, Class A)
High Voltage Power SupplyBuilt-in


ParameterDescription / ValueUnit
X-ray TubeSealed Type
X-ray Tube Cooling MethodConvection Cooling
X-ray Tube Window Material / ThicknessBeryllium / 150mm
Target MaterialTungsten
Tube Voltage Operational Range40 to 90kV
Tube Current Operational Range10 to 200 (8 W Max.)mA
Maximum Output8W
X-ray Focal Spot Size7 (5 mm at 4 W)mm
X-ray Beam Angle (Coned)80degrees
Focus to Object Distance (FOD)11mm


FunctionTube Voltage and Tube Current Preset / Auto Warm-up
External ControlRS-232C
Applicable OSWindows® 2000 Professional, XP Professional
Computer Operating ConditionsCPU: Intel Pentium or Higher, Memory: 64 MB or More