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Microfocus AI X-ray Parts Counter XC-01

The micro-focus X-ray tube of the X-ray inspection system can generate X-rays, penetrate the reels, and then reach the flat panel detector. After the flat panel detector converts the X-rays into digital signals and displays them to the software, the software will count how many pieces of components for you.

1. Working Principle

X-ray parts counter Working Principle

X-ray parts counter Working Principle

2. Sample images

X-ray parts counter counts 01005 sample image 2


X-ray parts counter counts 01005 sample image

1. America closed type X-ray tube, long lifetime, maintenance-free.

2. 17” super definition digital flat panel detector (FPD), eliminate the scanning detector.

3. Ultrafast counting, one 7” (180mm) reel needs about 9s, four 7” reels or one 15” (380mm) reel needs about 14s.

4. Can count max 17” (430mm) diameter reel with a moisture barrier bag or JEDEC tray, etc.

5. Artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm with independent intellectual property rights, software accumulates data to the cloud database and shares it to all machines.

6. No need to enter the reel data in the factory in advance, users can use it directly.

7. Compared with the traditional parts counter, it can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy, save manpower, and greatly shorten the time of material entering and leaving the warehouse.

8. Support MES, ERP, and other systems, to manage material warehouses digitally. Permanent software algorithm updates.

1. XC-01 parameters

X-ray sourceTypeClosed, microfocus
Max tube voltage80kV
Max tube current700μA
Focal spot size30μm
Flat panel detectorTypeSuper definition digital FPD
Effective area427mm*427mm
Pixel size139μm
Reel/tray countingMax size17” (430mm)
Max thickness85mm
Min parts size1005
EquipmentDimensions1000mm (L) * 1300mm (W) * 1920mm (H)
Power supplyAC110-220V 50/60HZ
Max power1500W
Industrial PCI7-6700 CPU, 8G RAM, 240GB SSD
Displayer24” HDMI LCD
Other functionsCode scanningBarcode and QR code.
Label printingPrint material code and quantity automatically after counting.
Management system connectionMES, ERP etc.
SafetyRadiation leakageNo leakage, international standard: ≤1μSv/h.
Back door safety interlockOnce users open the back door, X-ray tube will power off immediately. When the back door is open, users can’t turn on the X-ray.
Tray collision protectionThere are steel plates protect the tray from collision when it comes out.
Anti-pinch safety light curtainOnce the hand enters the movement range of the tray, the safety light curtain will be triggered, the tray will stop immediately, and the software will pop up a prompt at the same time. Users can continue only the hand leaves and click confirm on the prompt.
Emergency stopIn front of the operation position, press to power off.

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